Equity Through Curriculum

We believe children of color should have access to textbooks and supplemental material which strongly emphasizes the contribution of all ethnicities and cultures. School districts need to prioritize the diversity of stakeholders and curriculum administrators. At the very least teachers need flexibility in content choices and districts should push publishers to provide a variety ofContinue Reading

Equity Through Educators

According to research students learn best from educators who share a common culture or background with them. This fact does not imply that students of color can only learn if their teacher reflects their own ethnicity. It does, however, emphasize the need for cultural awareness in the classroom and diversity of our teacher workforce. TooContinue Reading

Equity Through Funding

In today’s schools a visitor can walk through the halls and often guess which level of classes are being taught based on the racial composition of the classroom. The achievement gap between races has been exacerbated by AP and gifted programs that track students. This tracking often dictates a student’s career path and future earningContinue Reading

Jigsaw Is A Viable Strategy For Students Of Color by Andre Williams

Three years ago during summer prep I found myself in need of an evidence-based strategy to fulfill the learning needs of my students. Previously I had used peer-assisted learning such as Collaborative Strategic Reading or CSR, which although effective didn’t necessarily elevate my students into the higher levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy. I wanted my diverseContinue Reading